First Break Mining

First Break is the sole New Zealand distributor of Epiroc's range of mining machinery, equipment and tooling

First Break is a leading supplier of equipment and services to the Mining and Construction industries of New Zealand, and represent well respected international brands that you can rely on for innovative products and high quality of manufacture

Brands we represent include:

We have stores located both in Auckland and Christchurch to facilitate fast and responsive deliveries, and technical specialists who can assist in all stages of your equipment lifecycle - from specifiing new machinery through to after-sales support, servicing and re-conditioning.

Our primary focus is you - the customer!

Drawing upon our suppliers' technical expertise and support services, we are confident we can provide an innovative solution to any application you may have - be it on the surface or underground.

Mining and construction products, equipment

Whether you need to excavate, transport or process ore or demolition more efficiently, our complete portfolio of surface and underground mining equipment sets the standard in an increasingly competitive industry. Our offering covers rock drilling, cutting, loading and hauling, ventilation and materials handling equipment, all supported by round-the-clock service, rock drilling tools and technical expertise.


Drill Rigs

Drill Rigs

Epiroc offers rock drilling machines and other equipment for many different applications - for example quarrying, surface mining, underground mining, etc.


Loaders & Trucks

Loaders & Trucks

Epiroc offers high performance underground loaders, haulers and dumpers (LHD's)


Raiseboring Equipment

Raiseboring Equipment

The Epiroc range of Robbins raise boring machines includes models for raise boring, boxhole boring and down reaming.


Rock Drilling Tools

Rock Drilling Tools

The world's most comprehensive and productive range of drilling tools.


Rock Reinforcment

Rock Reinforcment

Epiroc's underground rock reinforcement equipment has you secured with machines ranging from low seam to some of the largest mining and civil drive dimensions.


Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems

Epiroc offers a complete ventilation solution for tunneling and underground mining operations, including system design and installation of fan stations and ducting.

Road  Construction Equipment & Tooling

Kennametal offer complete solutions for road milling drums, blocks, bits, blades, and wear protection.


Fire Suppression Systems

AFEX is the #1 manufacturer of fire suppression systems in the USA. They design reliable systems that function and protect, but do not deter operation. We can provide protection for everything from engine fire to debris fire.

We think mine operators want a fire protection system that's effective, reliable, and automatic. Because a down machine can halt production, they need a system that's low maintenance and easily serviced.


Compressed Air Supply

For demanding applications, a tough air compressor system that can meet your requirements is needed. Quincy Compressor offer reliability and some of the industry’s strongest warranties. Their products are engineered to last for decades and are built with durability in mind. For the heavy-duty use and harsh environments of the mining industry, Quincy compressors can deliver the compressed air demands needed to power tools, equipment and ventilation systems critical to your operation.