First Break Marine

First Break Ltd is the authorised New Zealand representative for Marine Jet Power (MJP) offering customers total in-region support, including parts fulfilment and local service for builders and operators in New Zealand and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Marine Jet Power is a global leader in waterjet propulsion. For more than thirty years they have designed and built the finest waterjet propulsion systems in the world.
As a full-service propulsion solutions provider, MJP provides world-class customer support from initial design and build to delivery and custom after-market solutions.

The company’s diverse product line is well suited for multitude of applications ranging from governmental, landing crafts and work boats to high-speed passenger vessels and luxury yachts. MJP’s duplex stainless steel, mixed-flow waterjets, the CSU and DRB lines, are durable and efficient and can be customized to project specifications, while the aluminum, actual-flow UltraJet range is well suited for smaller applications. The newly designed X Series is the next generation of waterjet propulsion, combining performance and efficiency resulting in a premium pump that provides more power in a lighter unit, burning less fuel and extending range over comparable alternatives.

What is a Waterjet?

MJP’s stainless steel and aluminum waterjets are designed and built to fit most applications, ranging from passenger vessels to government and commercial work boat applications as well as recreational yachts and pleasure boats.
Waterjet propulsion is often selected instead of conventional propellers for applications that require high speeds, shallow draft and maneuverability across the speed range.
MJP’s waterjet systems are comprised of mixed-flow, duplex stainless steel or axial-flow aluminum pump impellers. Installed at the aft transom, the waterjet draws water through the intake located underneath the vessel. Inside the jet unit, the precision engineered impeller accelerates the water which exits through the steering nozzle, creating powerful forward thrust.

Waterjet propulsion has many advantages over other forms of marine propulsion



MJP waterjets are optimised for vessel speeds from 25-50 knots and above.



MJP’s pump design reduces power demand translating into fuel and cost savings.



Optimised for ease of installation allowing greater flexibility in boat building and design.



Designed to be easily maintained in the field with simple maintenance schedules and long maintenance intervals.

cinderella boat

Marine Jet Power delivered its first ever set of waterjets in 1986 to the M/S Cinderella II. Today, you can still find the M/S Cinderella II operating in the Stockholm Archipelago. Over 30 years later, with original MJP waterjets still in operation, the 350-passenger ferry operates a daily schedule from Central Stockholm to Sandhamn Island in Sweden.

MJP Waterjets





Based on Docksta’s well proven experience in fast police and patrol craft, the IC20M is a 20-meter vessel featuring Dual MJP 450 DRB waterjets. Capable of a top speed of 45 knots, this vessel is powered by 1600hp MTU engines.