Tooling Re-grinding


Regrinding drill bits at regular intervals can increase their service life 5 to 10 times over. First Break offers a complete range of grinders and grinding accessories, from small manual pneumatic grinders to stationary semi-automatic ones for economical grinding of large volumes of drill bits.

  • To extract full power from your hammer / rotation head and squeeze the maximum number of meters from each drill bit, regular grinding is essential.
  • Armed with sharp bits, you will not only boost productivity, but also experience far less wear and tear on your drill string and rig.
  • Countless ways to grind bits exist, but only one sure to provide the best results - First Break can help you to identify the on-site drilling parameters to gain peak operational performance from your drilling tools and drill strings.


Re-grinding drill bit in the field with a Secoroc Grind Matic Jazz.



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