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Wireline core drilling systems are used for medium to ultra-deep boreholes, which provides the most efficient core sample extraction from the rock mass without pulling the entire drill string. The rock sample is removed from the bottom of the hole in the inner tube assembly by an overshot on a wireline cable.


Diamond and tungsten carbide tools

Each core drilling bit covers a wide range of applications which means that fewer bit types are needed.

  • Optimized bit matrices and crown profiles
  • Improved performance for reaming shells
  • Terracore – economical alternative to our premium impregnated drill bits

Diamond and tungsten carbide bits >

Reaming Shells >

Casings and Rod Shoes >

Impregnated Locking Couplings >


Wireline core barrels and overshots

Maximize performance, quality, safety and reliability.

DiscovOre & Arrow 3S In-The-Hole Tools

  • A revolutionary new design
  • Built to outlast the mining industry’s toughest

Get more out of your tools and upgrade your existing core barrel with extremely robust DiscovOre head assembly and super fast descent Arrow 3S overshot. Speed, Safety, Simplicity.

Application product highlights:

  • No spring pins
  • No spearhead
  • Reduced risk of jammed inner tubes
  • Automatic locking overshot
  • Robust latches
  • Reduced length
  • 100% latch engagement
  • Quick conversion head for all hole orientations
  • Robust spindle
  • Stabilized bearing assembly
  • Latch lock

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Rods and Casings

Our rods are manufactured without any compromise to quality. Made out of the highest seamless steel tubes with careful quality control procedures when machining and heat treating threaded ends. Atlas Copco’s uncompromising standards in all aspects of material specifications ensure our customers are getting the very best we have to offer.

Wireline rods available in all standard and thin wall sizes. For conventional core barrels we offer special rod types as well.

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Crucial and helpful tools when extracting rock samples

We are proud to provide a complete line of drilling tools and accessories, quality you can depend on, state-of-the-art casing advancers, substitues, recovery tools, water swivels, tube wrenches and casing cutter assemblies. All very crucial and helpful tools when extracting rock samples.

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