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Atlas Copco offers a complete ventilation solution for tunneling and underground mining operations, including system design and installation of fan stations and ducting.


Serpent Ventilation Fans

High pressure Serpent fans for underground mining and tunneling projects.

  • To maintain high system pressure, up to five fan units of any diameters and motor sizes can be connected in series at a single fan station.
  • Serpent fans move the maximum amount of air per unit of energy. For optimal energy savings, fans can be fitted with a frequency control switch.
  • Serpent fans are available with standard or super silencers to eliminate high frequency sounds and reduce noise levels to a minimum.

Atlas Copco's high pressure Serpent fans are designed to deliver air through ducts in underground mining and tunneling projects. Our fans are available in different sizes and combinations to fit your needs, from small projects to extensive operations deep underground. The fans are statically and dynamically balanced, have automatic lubrication systems, and are manufactured with fully welded steel casings and an anticorrosive coating to provide consistently high performance, even in the harshest environments.

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Serpent Ventilation Ducting

PVC-coated ducts in a variety of lengths and diameters

  • Atlas Copco ducting comes with installation hooks, making it easy to mount, dismantle and refit when the ducts need to be modified.
  • Vulcanized seams and two types of airtight connectors, zip-joints and steel rings ensure minimal air loss throughout the system.
  • Underground air ducts from Atlas Copco are designed for quick and easy repair. Fixing tears and holes normally takes just a few minutes.

Serpent ducting has low internal friction to reduce energy consumption and lower operational cost.

To fit your needs, Atlas Copco offers two types of PVC-coated ducts in a variety of lengths and diameters. The optimal ducts for standard installations are made of a lightweight, yet very durable material. For installations with high-pressure requirements, we can supply a thicker, extremely tough fabric. Both duct types can be delivered with or without anti-static performance. All Serpent ducting has low internal friction to reduce energy consumption and lower operational cost.

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Serpent Ventilation Accessories

All the necessary accessories

  • The duct system can be mixed in both duct and connection types. All accessories are built to handle all possible pressure variations
  • With our repair kit, fixing holes and tears in the duct is a simple process, the whole operation normally takes just a few minutes.

Atlas Copco covers your underground ventilation needs with all the necessary accessories. We can partner with you to design a system to meet the specifics of your project. With one ventilation supplier, you can rest assured that all components work well together with global parts availability and service to maximize your uptime.


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