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Tophammer bits for underground drilling

Atlas Copco Secoroc is the largest supplier of tophammer rock drilling tools on the market today. We are also the undisputed market leader in underground applications.

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Tophammer rods and tubes

Secoroc's rods are manufactured with an own-specified steel grade and cutting-edge heating process, which creates an ideal balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility.

Secoroc Magnum SR and Secoroc TC

More material where it’s needed.

Thanks to our unique patented conical thread systems, we’re confident that rod breakage is a problem you will see a lot less of. More material at the rod end not only strengthens the product, but also minimizes deviation during collaring. The result? Straighter holes and a much longer service life.

The common denominator for both systems is thicker and stronger rods with the same bit diameter as an equivalent R or T threaded system. This means less downtime, straighter holes and greater productivity. In addition, rods and bits are much easier to couple and uncouple.

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Tophammer shank adapters

We produce more than 400 different types of shank adapters for virtually all types of drills. Wear resistance, fatigue strength and resilience to stand up to the bending stress are the key criteria for the selection of material and manufacturing methods.

  • Our shank adapters are made from the high quality steel you have come to expect from us.
  • Atlas Copco Secoroc shank adapters have state-of-the-art treatment that is unique – chroming and phosphating – manufactured to close tolerances.
  • Our rigorous quality controls at all our manufacturing units ensure that our shank adapters live up to your expectations.

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