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Atlas Copco Secoroc surface rock drills are suitable for all kinds of surface drilling. They are easy to use, reliable and can work with low air pressure from 4 bar and upwards. An inline lubricator is included in the delivery of the Y19A rock drill. Y26 has a built-in lubricator. Both types of rock drills are delivered with air flushing. When a light rock drill is needed, Y19A is a perfect choice for light construction, light quarrying and secondary blasting.



- surface rock drill

Secoroc Y19A is a lighter rock drill to be used in construction, light quarrying and secondary blasting. This rock drill is also CE certified.



- surface rock drill

Y26 is of robust design for tough working conditions. It has high impact frequency and is mainly used for production drilling in DSI quarries, construction work and mining applications. The Y26 is available with both hex 22 mm and hex 25 mm chuck bushing. It can also be set up for water flushing if needed. Foot plates (kit) are also available.


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