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Boyles C5

Surface core drilling rig

The Boyles C5/C5C surface core drilling rig is compact, yet powerful. Its compact design makes it easy to position and transport, even by helicopter. During helicopter transport, the rig is broken down into six main modules and each module is equipped with lifting points to ensure safe and effective transport. A sturdy and robust design enables continuous operation in remote locations and harsh operating environments. All drilling functions are performed, using the ergonomic and user-friendly control panel which also displays all the drilling parameters necessary to ensure productive drilling. The rig is equipped with the Durahead 2-gear drive rotation unit that provides the necessary torque and rpm speed ranges for coring, with a drilling depth capacity of 800 m when drilling N size holes.

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Boyles C5

Surface core drilling rig

The Boyles C6/C6C surface core drilling rig is compact and powerful for all ground conditions, terrains and environments. The rig’s safety and ergonomic features provide confidence and assurance with productive drilling, high rate of uptime and minimal maintenance needed. With a drill depth capacity of 1200 meters N-size, the rig is the surface core drilling rig with the deepest drilling depth capacity in its class.

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Boyles C8C

Surface core drilling rig

Boyles C8C is the most powerful rig in the Boyles range and yet easy to operate. This rig has a new feed system that further improves the high productivity that has become a key characteristic of the Boyles rigs. Boyles C8C has a depth capacity of 1 830 m. The newly designed level-wind wireline winch rolls the wire evenly across the full width of the drum. The work environment around the rig has been carefully considered during development. All major components are located to allow easy access during maintenance. In order to control carbon emissions, the rig features a modern Tier III engine.

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Christensen 140

Surface core drilling rig

Our Christensen surface core drilling rigs have a well-earned reputation for their reliability when it comes safety and performance. Large core samples, a gear driven rotation unit and a constant penetration rate allow the Christensen 140 to boost your productivity and profits. The durable Christensen 140 rig is also designed to help you meet tough environmental protection demands anywhere in the world.

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Christensen CS10

Surface core drilling rig

Our Christensen CS10 core drilling rig is a trailer-bound rig, which has a robust mast that is separated into three sections. This makes the CS10 easy to transport between work sites while the compact size allows it to be transported into tough terrain. The CS10 features a long, robust mast with hydraulic mast raise. The modern feed system, strong rod holder and the high capacity rotation unit ensures productive drilling. The CS10 has a drill capacity of 800m and can handle up to 6 m core barrels. Thanks to robust hydraulic legs the rig is kept firmly in place during drilling.

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Christensen CT14

Surface core drilling rig

The Christensen CT14 represents the most flexible drilling rig size in the Christensen range. With a drilling capacity of 1 200 m and a powerful feed system, the CT14 can easily handle deep drilling. As a mode of transportation, the CT14, is available for truck mounting. The CT14 comes loaded with features that often are optional on other rigs. So irrespectively where you are drilling there is an to fit your needs.



Christensen CT20

Surface core drilling rig

The Christensen CT20 surface core drilling rig – is the most powerful rig in the range and yet easy to operate. This rig has a new feed system that will further enhance productivity. The newley designed control panel is easy to use with it's many automated functions. The work environment around the CT20 has been in consideration throughout the development process. It is equipped with a sound reduced engine canopy. In order to control carbon emissions, the CT20 is also equipped with a modern Tier III or Tier IV engine and it has oil spill plates underneath the power pack..

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