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Atlas Copco Secoroc rotary pipe products are precision manufactured and purpose suited for the rotary blasthole industry. Our product will deliver the lowest cost per meter guaranteed.



Drill-Guard™ single pass shock subs

Looking to increase your drilling productivity? Our Drill-Guard SPT-22 & 28 series of shock subs will do exactly that. Engineered to keep your tricone bit on the bottom of the hole while reducing vibration in the rotary and mast, these shock subs are simply the best.

Benefits of using this product include higher Rates of Penetration (ROP), increased rotary bit life and improved torque control. With in-house manufacturing, we have control over all aspects of each unit from design to drill. A full assortment of assembly options are available for various OEM drills.

SPT-28 Drill-Guard™ single pass shock sub (torque control housing)

  • Improved torque control
  • Heavy duty design lift ring for maximum performance
  • Longer rubber element life
  • No regular maintenance required

SPT-22 Drill-Guard™ single pass shock sub (torque control housing)

  • Improved torque control
  • Heavy duty design lift ring for maximum performance
  • Positive stops for maekup and break out of threaded connections
  • Larger rubber element life
  • No regular maintenance required

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Sub adapters

Secoroc Duralloy™ Sub adaptors are used when adapting from one thread to another (drill pipe to drill bit); when coupling drill pipes having the same connections on both ends; or as thread savers. Rotary subs are manufactured from various application-specific, premium quality alloy steels. They are available in various sizes and all required threaded connections.

Available types: Bottom or bit subs, Top or spindle subs, Thread saver subs, Crossover or adaptor subs.

  • Breakout wrench flats/slots to suit drill model
  • Post heat-treated alloy steel
  • Hardfacing or hardbanding wear protection
  • Low torque thread options
  • Neck down outside diameter


Teamalloy™ drill pipes

Teamalloy is a unique, proprietary specification of alloy tubing used in the manufacture of premium drill pipes for blast hole drilling applications.

The Teamalloy alloy drill pipe specification was first developed over 25 years ago as a result of customer frustration with the performance limitations of mild steel drill pipe.

The Teamalloy alloy pipe specification is only rolled by one steel mill globally, and then only exclusively for Atlas Copco Thiessen rotary drilling product companies.

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EZ-Drill™ roller stabilizers

The EZ-Drill roller stabilizer contains three roller assemblies, with carbide inserts for wear resistance, which provide support against the hole walls serving to both guide the tricone drill bit in a straight direction and pack the wall of the hole to prevent sloughing.

EZ-Drill repairable roller stabilizers are available in a variety of body lengths and diameters, as well as a complete selection of break-out wrench slot/flat configurations and thread connections.

The EZ-Drill roller stabilizer is repairable at the mine site or by Atlas Copco Secoroc allowing for an economical second life of the EZ-Drill..

  • Less wear on the in-hole drill string components.
  • Increased productivity as less material sloughs from the hole wall.
  • Less regrinding of rock falling to the bottom of the hole.
  • A straighter hole which reduces risk of blasting problems and poor fragmentation.
  • Smoother operation of the drill during the drilling operation.


Teamlube™ bearing lubricant


A special drilling lubricant formulated for blasthole drilling applications using air-cooled bearing; tricone drill bits and roller stabilizers.

Teamwrench™ automatic drill pipe wrench


The Teamwrench is operated completely from within the cab of the drill and is the very safest method of breaking out tightly threaded connections.

The Teamwrench automatically adjusts to the diameter of the drill pipe (to compensate for drill pipe wear within the size range), grips the stem firmly and then turns the stem.


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