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The world's most comprehensive and productive range of rock drilling tools.


Tophammer Drilling Tools

The complete solution including shank adapters, drill rods, drill bits, accessories and added value services.

We continuously develop new, unique and energy efficient, products with the lowest cost of ownership and offer you tophammer equipment for every application, such as underground mining and tunneling, surface mining and quarries, and road and construction.

Tophammer Underground Drilling >

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Down-the-Hole Drilling Tools

We offer a complete range of down-the-hole products including hammers, bits, pipes, adapters, reverse circulation products, breakout benches and grinding machines with consumables.

Down-the-hole hammers >

Down-the-hole bits >

Down-the-hole pipes and adapters >

Reverse circulation >

Accessories and parts >

Breakout bench >


Rotary Drilling Tools

Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Years of product testing and trials have resulted in a product offering that is simply unmatchable compared to everything else in the industry.

Rotary bits >

Rotary pipe products >



Raiseboring Tools

Atlas Copco Secoroc is the industry leader in raiseboring rock drilling tools with a rich history of providing products to drill raises in rock up to 8 meter diameters.

Drill pipe products >

Cutters >

Pilot drill bits >

Reamers and stems >


Handheld Equipment

We offer the complete package including rock drills, pusher legs, pneumatic breakers, drill rods and drill bits. Together with top quality spare parts, accessories and world class service you will struggle to find a more complete supplier for your drilling operation.

Handheld underground rock drills >

Handheld surface rock drills >

Pusher legs >

Integrals >

Handheld tapered equipment >

Handheld threaded equipment >

Handheld accessories and parts >

Grinding equipment >


Exploration Drilling Tools

Environmentally friendly products with sustainable productivity in mind.

Wireline core drilling >

Conventional core drilling >

Reverse circulation >


Ground Support

Swellex rock bolting system has gained recognition in the mining and tunneling industry. The installation process is simple and similar to rock bolt installation; making Swellex rock bolts accessible to all operators.

Swellex pumps >

Rock bolts >

Plates >

Accessories >


Grinding Equipment

The right tools to get you back on the cutting edge.

If you spend your hard-earned money on drill bits that have to be constantly replaced, then you’ll start wondering if you can’t get better value elsewhere. The answer to this problem is a comprehensive range of grinding equipment. Maintaining penetration can therefore save you money.

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