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Atlas Copco Secoroc raiseboring tools are designed for each individual raiseboring machine.

Atlas Copco Secoroc is the industry leader in raiseboring rock drilling tools with a rich history of providing products to drill raises in rock up to 8 meter diameters.


Raiseboring drill pipes

Atlas Copco Secoroc raiseboring drill pipes are designed and manufactured for fatigue resistance with the use of a radiused root thread instead of the industry standard flat bottom root thread design. In addition, the use of shot peening in critical areas, also improves the fatigue life of the pipe and other components. The combination of the radiused root thread and the shot peening of critical areas, is a step above the industry standard. Products available:

  • Drill pipes
  • Stabilizer - roller
  • Stabilizer - ribbed
  • Stabilizers - rotating/non-rotating
  • Starter pipes and subs
  • Lifting bails
  • Float valve

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Atlas Copco Secoroc offers raiseboring cutters in a variety of sizes and cutting structures, each targeting specific customers problems.

Atlas Copco Secoroc provides a comprehensive range of raiseboring cutters to fit any need. From kerfed cutters to random cutters and specialty cutters – the solution is yours to choose.

Magnum and Magnum V cutters are the workhorses of the product offering. The Magnum cutter is designed to fit into the square pocket saddle and the Magnum V is designed to fit into the V pocket saddle to better accommodate existing reamers, although the cutters are identical between the saddle pockets. With the largest bearing capacity in the industry and the most amount of carbide cutting the rock, these cutters have a wide range of applications. The RCC cutters have a more tapered cutter shell making them roll true on smaller diameters and to be more aggressive on larger reamers in brittle ground. Designed to fit into the RCC style saddle. Products available:

  • Premium Cutters - Magnum and Magnum V Cutters
  • RCC Kerf Cutters
  • SRCC Cutters - for boxhole and downreaming
  • DRC12 - specialty cutters


Pilot drill bits

No matter what rock conditions you're working in, Atlas Copco Secoroc has the bits to meet the challenge.

Atlas Copco pilot bits not only give you outstanding service life, the range of cutting structures covers a wide range of rock formations to be drilled.

Bullseye pilot bits


The complete Bullseye range are proven designs to meet the most demanding performance and service expectations. Three designs will cover your every need.

Secoroc MH – extra long life in medium hard rock formations

Conical or chisel shaped carbide buttons and very little cone offset allow this bit to drill fast for long hours in medium hard rock formations, including hard limestone, dolomite and shale.

Secoroc H – for hard rock formations

Tough, fracture-resistant, ovoid, and ogive-shaped carbide buttons and reduced offset make this bit ideal for heavyweight, hard rock applications. Good load distribution thanks to heavy cutter set and full bottom hole coverage.

Secoroc VH – for very hard formations

Tough ovoid carbide buttons, zero offset and full bottom hole coverage combine to allow long hours of drilling in weighty hard rock applications. Positioned to cover the bottom of the hole, the nose and inner row button of the hole are ovoid-shaped with low projection.

PrimO pilot bits


Introducing the PrimO pilot bit range – the latest generation of bits for your raiseboring needs.

Designed for very hard, abrasive drilling

Advanced research and development has lead to new proprietary carbide grades that provide greater wear resistance than previous grades – leads to longer time drilling. We also improved the cutting action on the bottom of the hole through greater efficiency of forces to crush and fracture the rock. Combined these features lead to longer hours of drilling in hard-rock, in high weight-on-bit applications.

Sealed bearing journal

The PrimO is an advanced, double-seal, bearing system that maximizes grease retention during long hours of high loading. Tucked shirt tail reduces heat generation near seal, extending seal life. Excluder protects seals from cutting debris, making this bearing system the most reliable of its kind.

Maximum gage protection

Hard, round top carbide inserts on gage and wear resistant inserts on bevel slow down gage wear.


Reamers and stems

Match your equipment with Atlas Copco Secoroc tools.

Atlas Copco Secoroc raisebore reaming systems covers a wide range of sizes from the integral 70 centimeter to 8 meter diameter modular designs. Products available:

  • Boxhole Reamers
  • Down Reamers
  • Conventional Reamers
  • Hole Openers
  • Stems


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