Swellex face plates and wire mesh washers.

We offer a range of accessories for Swellex expandable rock bolts to suit a variety of applications. The most common components are Swellex plates and mesh washers.

Swellex face plates are offered in versions to match different environments and requirements. Performance plates are engineered to maximize the Swellex system load capacity and to meet and exceed ASTM standard. Mid performance plates will offer high load capacity while value plates offer good performance in specific environments. Swellex Mesh washers are used for the installation of wire mesh on already installed Swellex rock bolts. They are offered in different versions and sizes to match the Swellex rock bolt range.


Face plates

  • Prevent key block movement
  • Retain surface support like mesh
  • Hanging feature for light services

Designed to meet customers requirements

Swellex face plates are used to create a local surface support around the borehole collar area. With point load anchor bolts, the plate is used to transfer the displacement of the rock mass into the rock bolt. The Swellex plates are manufactured from high quality steel and meet or exceed the properties stated in the individual specifications. The plates capacities are designed to meet customers' requirements.


Swellex wire mesh washers

Swellex mesh washers are used for installation of wire mesh on already installed Swellex rock bolts. This special friction washer is pushed over the injection bushing head of installed Swellex rock bolts. These have a minimum load bearing capacity of 12 kN.


Rabbit ear plates

The plate is to be used only as a hanging device with no function as a rock support element.


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