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Simply defined, PARD is the next viable choice to drilling faster and more efficiently. Other benefits include straighter drill holes, easier hole collaring and increased productivity. This is achieved through increased penetration rates which lower the total cost of drilling (TCD)


Secoroc PARD system – a boost for rotary drilling

Atlas Copco has been in the mining and construction market for many years and is committed to innovative, productive, market leading solutions such as the QL technology for DTH hammers. Thanks to that we now present our latest innovation for rotary drilling – the Secoroc PARD system – designed to boost rotary drilling performance.


PARD – designed to maximize productivity and lower your total drilling costs.

The Secoroc PARD hammer has been developed to increase rotary drilling productivity. This low impact hammer has a special short stroke lightweight piston.

A synergy combination is formed between the tuned hammer and the rotary forces which results in the Secoroc PARD system creating a higher level of energy than a DTH hammer or rotary power alone. And that means a lot more holes per shift.


  • Light weight pistons – A lightweight piston with a unique alloy allows shorter strokes, which gives the PARD hammer it’s unique ability to operate at lower tool pressure, from 50–110 psi. This low pressure produces a higher frequency and lower impact force, resulting in higher rates of penetration.
  • Parallel air flow – Unique parallel air flow system feeds the hammer to generate percussion and allows adequate air flow to cool the bit, while maintaining optimal pressure for bottom hole cleaning.
  • Low pressure – Our patented low pressure system was designed to operate within standard rotary drilling pressures, ranging from 50–110 psi. This lower pressure permits our hammer to achieve greater penetration with existing blasthole drills. This is a significant benefit that can help reduce additional investments needed from recruiting contract support or capital investment.


PARD tricone bits – a specialty bit made to withstand additional stress and strain.

Secoroc PARD tricone bits are designed to retain the same service life as standard tricone bits while increasing ROP. This has been achieved by redesigning the PARD tricone bits to withstand additional stresses and strains. All this adds up to greater productivity and lower cost per foot drilled.


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