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Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools provides high quality spare parts and accessories to all our products. This is essential to guarantee maximum output and low lifecycle cost. All Atlas Copco Customer Centers and their network of distributors offer a complete range of spare parts and accessories. The staff is trained to support with advice and technical assistance to get the right part for every application. Only genuine parts can handle the stress that an Atlas Copco product causes on its components. And only original parts enable the owner to minimize downtime, to protect their investment and to contribute to productivity of your company.


Installation protection funnels

Provides protection

It protects the coating of plasticoated Swellex rock bolts from damages during the installation process (mesh screen).

Installed on demand

Inserted in Swellex blind bushing. Useful in semi-mechanized or mechanized installations.


Installation arms

Ergonomic design

Expansion pressure can be read easily by the operator.


Dolly kit

This new Swellex installation kit is the perfect answer for markets with standardized rock bolt installations, using Boomer rigs. Boomer operators can also use the kit for installing heavier secondary support, like Swellex 24 range or Swellex connectable rock bolts in a semi-mechanized way.


Fluid recovery kit

The perfect solution for corrosive environments

The Swellex DCS fluid recovery kit is a patented system, designed for use when water is not available or in aggressive environments. Maintenance and repair operations are also reduced.


High pressure washer arms

Allow the Swellex pump to be used as a high pressure washing unit

The line of Swellex high pressure washer arms allow the Swellex pump to be used as a high pressure washing unit.



For non destructive sliding tests

Used to perform non destructive sliding tests, to estimate the specific anchorage capacity of Swellex rock bolts.

For soft fractured ground

In soft or fractured ground (as in schist rock), they can help to maintain the integrity of the rock mass at the collar of the drill hole.

Job description

They stop the expansion of the Swellex at the collar of the drill hole.


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