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Whether you need a pilot hole in a marble quarry, a core sampling hole, a blasthole for construction or mining. We have the drill rig that suits your needs.


Exploration Drilling Rigs

We offer a wide range of exploration drilling rigs, which are designed to meet many different requirements and needs; including, ore body definition, reserve evaluation, ground investigation, surface ”green field” exploration and also reverse circulation for obtaining high quality samples.

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Face Drilling Rigs

Atlas Copco’s rugged face drilling rigs are built for blast hole drilling in underground mining and tunneling. The rigs can be equipped with up to four booms, covering cross sections from 6 m2 to 206 m2 .

Atlas Copco offers the largest rock drill range on the market, including the world's fastest 40 kW rock drill to meet your needs in challenging conditions.

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Production Drilling Rigs

Atlas Copco’s Simba long-hole drilling rigs offer a variety of feed lengths, positioning configurations, rock drills, and optional automated features for underground production drilling.

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Rotary Blasthole Drill Rigs

Atlas Copco can offer the most comprehensive line of Rotary blasthole drilling rigs in the industry. With a multitude of configurations to choose from you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Surface Drill Rigs

One rig for every need.

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