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Conventional drilling remains the most productive and cost efficient method in some applications, like short horizontal/uphole underground drilling and shallow surface site investigation and geotecnical projects.

Conventional core drilling systems are used for shallow site investigation and shallow to medium deep underground up-hole definition drilling applications. They are efficient solutions due to their operational simplicity and inexpensive tooling. The entire string has to be pulled out of the hole to collect the core samples.

Drillers can enjoy Atlas Copco's latest innovations in core drilling tools to boost productivity and stay on top of the competition race.

Diamond and tungsten carbide coring bits

A comprehensive range of core drilling tools for reliable site investigation.

Terracore range covers a complete package of in-the-hole equipment. Conventional and wire line core barrels, drill rods and casings, core boxes, additives, adapters and fishing tools, not to mention a wide range of drilling bits to make core drilling reliable and fast.

Terracore can be used in a wide range of applications – as long as the ground and depth correspond to the product design.

The combination of Terracore with Atlas Copco’s all-round drilling rigs offers opportunities for both site investigation and ground stabilization. The Diamec range can utilize Terracore single tube system for straight deep grouting holes.

Thanks to the Terracore bit range there is always a solution to match the variety of rock conditions encountered.

The main focus is on soft to medium hard rock formations – both consolidated and fragmented. There are also tools for drilling in concrete.

The Terracore bit range offers a wide selection of drilling bits

  • Diamond impregnated drill bits for soft to very hard rock.
  • Surface set diamond drill bits for soft to medium hard rock.
  • Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits for non consolidated medium to hard rock.
  • Tungsten carbide (TC) for soft rock formations and overburden drilling.



Terracore bit chart

The Terracore bit range offers a wide selection of drilling bits

  • Rock characteristics are organized in rock groups 1–10.
  • Each number identify a certain rock group.
  • Terracore bits are marked with a number or number combination referring to applicable rock group.



Conventional core barrels and overshots

A comprehensive range of core drilling tools for reliable site investigation.

Conventional core barrels produce a larger core diameter compared to equivalent wire line size. The rugged construction and design features ensure optimization of productivity in applications where the use of wire line system is not practical or cost effective.

Conventional core barrels are typically used in shorter bore holes. The core barrels can drill in all directions.

  • Faster penetration.
  • Lower diamond cost.
  • Larger core.

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Conventional rods and casings

Light weight steel or aluminium for ergonomic flexilibity.

Atlas Copco drill rods and casings are of the highest quality, delivering top level performance to your equipment and drill site. Whether you are using our specially designed wireline or conventional drill rods, we will ensure you superior productivity every time..

  • Top level performance.
  • Highest quality.
  • Superior productivity.

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Crucial and helpful tools when extracting rock samples

Accessories to improve quality of core sampling such as additives, thread grease, core boxes, fishing tools, wrenches etc.

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